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So im getting ride of my car (well my parents want to get me a new one, cause f me saving them 168,000 on college :P [Army FTW!, though not why I did it so dont ever question that, ws going to enlist but got he scholarship...) and I've always wanted a truck and they need one around for a while since all we have is my 2004 Accord and two Hybrid Camrys (things are beast FYI, though too quiet for my liking...though dad can go for 5 weeks without refilling and travels a lot in it...) so I'm stuck between a F150 XLT supercab, or a toyota Tacoma and maybe a tundra (like them, though dont know a lot about them) any suggestions? and I will not ever get a dodge Ram since they are now owned by FIAT (Fix it again tony :P)

oh and veery nice bike!
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