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Default Re: Whats in Your Gear Bag

funny I was thinking of making a thread like this in the morning!
I always have 4 markers in my gearbag at one time though they verry on how I feel that day. So I will write down what spent the most time in there last season.

8- pods
halo B with rip and V35
revy with qloadig equiptment.
gravity 200rnd hopper
50 rnd hopper
Garmin GPS/Radio
throat mic
mic. parts (detents, elbows, springs, shims, oil, grease etc.)
13 barrels and a barrel kit.
12 oz co2
9oz co2
HPA steelie tank
Remote coil
Toolbox (allen keys, teflon, spare bolts, pins, cresent wrentch etc.)
I3 pro
BT grenades
neck guard
skull cap
Spyder pump or Traccer
Ariakon Pistol
MR2 W/eyes

my pants dont in the bag so they ride on top.

I probably forgot something but you get the idea!
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