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Default Re: Homemade paintball equipment and mods

Originally Posted by interceptorMR2 View Post
Okay I just finished up with my mag and shroud for my "tac-dragunov" project. I still need to get a longer barrel and an AK sight, but that will come, hopefully in the not too distant future. Here's some pics of the finished product, one picture with the unfinished shroud and no mag, and one picture of the mag and shroud before they were spray painted, and the mag wasn't quite complete. Hope you guys like it. Oh and I also ended up cutting part of the shroud off in the back, it was so long to the point where it was very difficult unscrewing the barrel later.




Close up:

I plan on making a better magazine once we get a drill press, but this will do for now.
howd you make that mag
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