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Default Iders Read For You Razy Mag Loving Nade Tossers

ok first of all a paintball nade

a milled aluminum tube with holes drilled in the side then a small black powder (VERY F***** small charge.... after reenacting civil war i ahev a huge knowledge of black powder(sorta)) in the middle so when the charge goe off theit pushes the pain out of the holes in the side with explosive force and sprays and area

second of all is the mag idea you get a body then take a small tube..(lisiting materials

->.68 tube
-mag body
-long flexible spring
-and somthing to put on the end of that spring so you can reload

take the tube and put the spring with the attachment at the end then you make it a u shape in the mag body so the tube comes out into the chanber or atleast feeds the chamber. the spring will push the paintballs into the chamber.... good idea?
woods ball. and woods ball only
carson city nevada area let me knoe wif you wanna play

Spyder TL-X Q-clamp maroed(new word lol) AA 2 peice ligtened trigger(thanks to big red)

2 Spyder Xtras one has CP barrel and Qlock other is our spare gun used for newbies...

2 PMI traccers. one has original sight bracket and looks like new.. other one was kissed by druid.. and spring was clipped and the grip was hollowed to adapt a phantom stock to it

i play mainly pump now that i have one
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