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Originally Posted by volleybiggs View Post
Can Nitro Tanks be used with O2? I saw a cheap Nitro tank on Ebay and did not know if it could used for O2. Also is is difficult to find places other than Paintball fields to fill Nitro tanks?
If you're typing about filling an HPA tank that still has the reg on it with Co2, it's almost impossible unless you made some ghetto fill adapter that fit on the fill nipple. Otherwise the reg has a part that prevents filling it through the valve stem as on regular Co2 tanks. At least Crossfire tanks do so I'd assume others would follow suit. If you're typing of using a HPA tank with a Co2 valve, I'm not positive they have the same threads. I don't have much knowledge of trying to use things in a manner they were not intended for since to me it's pretty damned ignorant playing with fire. Can you say, " A big BOOM!!!"? -
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