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Default Re: Spyder MR4 Discussion

I know this marker will take years to be accepted in my local paintball fields because of the .50 cal. My local paintball fields doesnt allow ammo that is not bought on their shops. But if i ever see that paintball caliber back on popularity and easily available, i think im gonna give the Snyper a new body...

And maybe try to get a Crossman 3357 and bring it back to glory...

My comments:

Stock : i can live with that one, but if the stock size is a .50 equivalent, no addon will fit without adapter.
Grip : i love it, and if it fits a mr1, i would try to get it.
Asa : Nothing to complain about
Mag : Hope it is removable, so we can switch to variants.
Shroud : Hope it is removable, so we can switch to variants.
Top rail : Better having one when you dont need than needing one when you dont have... From the picture i would think its removable.
Body : Looks like a side-cocking, i like.
Feed : Already 90 degree, finally!
Barrel : I dont understand why its .50, they should stick with .68.

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