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Default Re: My experiences with vs2 and how to fix everything so far

Originally Posted by D.swese View Post
i only want to get one right now, egg 2 or ACS Bolt, what one should i get?
i am also thinking of an assault block, is there anypoint, or should i save my money?

oo also, my trigger is really stiff, so it makes it hard for piano keying.. how do i fix it?
There is no point of buying anything that you don't know why your buying it in the first place. I can't tell you what its used for but not if you should use it.
A VS2 is a complete gun, A Egg 2 is a loader and an ACS Bolt is bolt... so i don't understand your question.

you should play more piano if your having trouble pushing the key's maybe use rubber bands to resistance train your fingers.

Don't revive old threads. just make a new one that is relevant to your question. This one is about 1.5 years old.
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