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Default Re: Pros and Cons of .50

Originally Posted by battlechaser View Post
I'm sorry, unless the "magical actual formula" for the fill is 99% lead, I truly doubt this will replace 68. And I'm very leary of jumping behind anything Chris Lasoya is pimping, as he seems to jump behind whoever pays him the most, not that I blame him. But for now, I'm adamantly sticking with 68.

Screw Smart Parts and their "revolution".
you need to shoot it. It wasn't revolutionary in performance but it's cheaper and that is what I love about it.

I just saw those charts and if the results shown there are true I will probably be picking up the .50 paint for practice and shoot the .68 when I need that performance (still depends on the cost of the conversion kits). A case of crappy paint costs me $65 here. Maybe with 50 it will cost me $40 and I would love that.
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