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Default Re: A switch to 50 cal?

Originally Posted by rayray88 View Post
Wasn't there a thread on here somewhere where someone came up with the idea of using higher grade field and charging more for less to also make it "better" for us? Why have they been thinking up bogus ideas lately?
Because it's like the Government - if they force it down our throats, if we want to play, we will have to buy it. That kicks up their production and profits.

Now that being said, how many .68 cal markers exist already? I'd pick a conservative number and say at LEAST 2 MILLION.

That means, those 2 MILLION markers now have to be replaced with one that can "chamber" [for the lack of a better term] the smaller paintball.

Every .68 cal marker....from BE to LUXE will either;
1. have to have some kind of 'chamber insert' installed to reduce the size
2. Barrel[s] in the new caliber
3. be completely redesigned to work with the new paint.

I smell a feeble attempt to spike company profits in this campaign........