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Default Re: A switch to 50 cal?

You know, I don't actually think this is so ridiculous. Why? Because kigman dominates the entry level market. Who buys entry level markers? New players who don't really know that much about what they're getting into. As long as they can get their hands on the paint, people will be buying those markers (they probably wouldn't think twice about it).

So why should this help make a change? Aftermarket companies are going to want tap the large market created by these players (after all who doesn't want more profit) and from there we're going to start seeing high end markers etc. etc. and the same aftermarket companies will have learned enough dev'ing parts for the low end to be able to support the high end.

This is not to say .68 cal is going anywhere. At least not in the next 10 years (if ever), I wouldn't worry too much. I'm just interested to see what happens. After all, whose against paying less to play? I would be psyched to pay 30% less for paint ($50 case becomes a $35 case), and be able to use lighter and smaller tanks and gear.
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