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Default no balance valve


NB: i havent been on here in years but glad my login still works. Kia Ora to everyone anyway.

my mate jst got a vs2 he brought from trademe (nz equivlnt to ebay) and it had problems working. ive had many spyder and no them real well, so he gave it 2 me to check out.

when i striped it apart, it doesnt have a balence valve in it. just a valve/striker and spring which looks like the normal 'old' setup.
this wont allow the gun to cycle with the input pressutre its getting.

so the only remedy i can think of is to remove the 300psi gauge and turn the pressure up. but this will then make it a normal HP spyder in a vs2 body.

sureley there is something i can do to get it working better.

any ideas??
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