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Question Q Loader on the MR2

I have just purchased a Spyder MR2 online this week.

Now I have not received it yet, it's still in the mail, but I already have a lot of plans for it...

One of them is to get a fast-feeding hopper. I already own an MR1, but it is mechanical, therefore the only hopper I own is an Archon gravity fed...

I was wondering if I should:

1) Buy a clamping feedneck ($40 CAD) and a decent hopper (maybe around $40 CAD)


2) Buy the Q loader...

Now, if I do decide to go for the Q loader, do I have to buy the MR Series mod in addition to it (which would cost another $70 CAD on top of the Q loader) ???

Please let me know what you think and whether or not the MR Series mod is necessary to fit the Q loader to the MR2...




I ended up buying a Trinity T-Lock feedneck and an Empire Magna hopper, mods you can close this thread... Thanks everyone!

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