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Default Re: Ever have an issue getting a CO2 bottle seated?

So I can home and gave it some more inspection since I didn't have time to do a real thorough check...I tried screwing the bottle into my back up/loaner marker, an '08 WGP Worr Machine, and nothing.

I unscrewed the bottle and went in to get the other bottle for a side by side comparison. The old bottle when I depressed the pin using the cap gave a big blast as would be expected, the new bottle however only gave a brief puff when I hit the right spot during the valves travel. I found the spot and held it for a bit letting the CO2 pass out. After a bit it began spitting out little chips of CO2. After this continued for 30 seconds or so there was suddenly a big increase and it acted more like the known good tank. I screwed it in to the WGP marker and it worked fine. So I was thinking that perhaps it had just been overfilled or something given that in a vertical position it was spitting chips and that the more I let out the better the flow got.

I screwed it into the MR-1 with the ANS ASA and it gassed the gun up to ~280psi so I assumed I was good to go. However as soon as I pulled the trigger the pressure dropped and it acted as though I had turned the gas off. Thinking it was the marker I took it off and put it back on the WGP, but still was getting nothing out of the tank.

I took it off and fiddled with it a bit by depressing the valve and holding it down to let gas escape for a bit. Screwed it back into the WGP and it was working fine for the remainder of the testing. I did not remove it from the WGP to test it on the MR-1. I figured why mess with it since I had another bottle that was working fine on the MR-1.

So I thought I had it figured out as overfilled, but now I am not so sure...
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