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Default Re: New MD Scenario marker :)

For those that took the time to read that long winded review............almost reminds you of Vike's doesn't it? I myself haven't shot the marker yet as they came in last Thursday and I have been out of town. But there is one more thing we are rather excited about that has been kept a secret and can now be released. In fact I'm pretty sure it hasn't been mentioned anywhere at all on the internet as of this post!

As some of you know in 07 MD had a solenoid problem in which they tested and used a solenoid and then they were shipped out a solenoid that looked the same but was not identical and they had issues with them. They replaced them all at no cost to the purchaser's. Now when the Drone went into production they faced an identical situation. So after 2 months of research.............the Drone now contains an MD created and designed solenoid. It is the culmination of 2 months of R&D and has better specs than an noid out there. The best part....................wait for's completely rebuildable. No more $120 solenoids! MD techs can service and repair a solenoid for just the cost of a couple of small parts!
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