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Default Re: New MD Scenario marker :)

One more add in from K8:

Krazy8 Sep 20 2009

I used three barrels during the day.

I started out playing with a 12" HammerHead MoFo shooting a .688 stainless back. That is what is in the first action shot. cool little feature. THe front ring on the shroud unscrews and can be removed so you can use barrels with bigger back thanthe stock....back to my testimony....

I then switched out to an original short HammHead Shark Tooth. Loud and proud baby! At a total length of 4 5/8" the tip of the barrel stuck out past the shroud just a bit under an 1"!
I lost 30 fps just changing to the tiny barrel and the increase in velocity to 285 made the thing kick pretty good and have a substantial amount of barrel climb under three round burst or full auto.

And yes I did spend over half a case with just the stock barrel. It is quieter than all the rest. Bore seems to be .689. It is not marked but the paint I was shooting with a .688 still fit good and couple that with MacDev releasing their previous guns with .689 I thought it was a logical conclusion to jump to without a set of calipers.
It performed veryvery well.

The Shift kit kept the same sound signature of the stock barrel but actually reduced the recoil of the Drone vs the stock barrel. Now I did not shoot the shift in game...but Ronin58 giggled a bit while unloading two pods of paint at a poor helpless cluster of trees in each of the select fire modes.

And I must correct my shot per fill on my 68ci tank. Iceman made me count a full Dye Loclid pod.
Tuens out a Dye pod hold 158-160 rounds of paint! So the shots per fill jumps from 1500 to 1600.

1600 shots per 68/45....yeah that works for me.
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