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Default Re: New MD Scenario marker :)

Here's a review by Krazy8:

Krazy8 Sep 18 2009

Thought I would start a thoughts and observations thread. Let you know what I think of the Drone as I progress through some tie with one.

Thursday afternoon a box from MacDev USA arrived at my office.

Start yelling now....I have pictures on my phone and no way to get them off the phone! Pic later.

Anyhow. The box had 6 new Drones inside.

First impression is pretty darn good.
The gun comes in a vacume molded semi hard case. Zip it open and the first thing you see dead center is the gun itself. The barrel is above it.
Inside of the lid is egg crate open cell foam, and the foam around the gun and accesories in al cut closed cell and very ridged foam. Great protection for the thing.
Also in the case is a small container of Malitia lube, a BBD, a full set of MacDev ball head allen keys and a small bag containing commonly lost parts! Detents, grip srcews and a few orings. Honestly I was surprized due to the price of this gun.

Pull the Drone out and the first thing you notice is the illusion of wieght. It looks heavy...I assure you it is not.
The grips are solid and feel very nice.
Power botton is easy to push with gloves on.
The power light is totally hidden from sight while you are holding the gun making night play in scenarios a bit more hunting for electricians tape!
And the select fire button...push and hold for one second and you are in three round burst from it again...full more time and you are back to semi. So full to play with!
The trigger frames looks to be the same used on the RX...I will compair later and decide for sure.
The trigger it self is modeled after the RX...a nice sweeping blade that has angled egdes to compliment the theme of the overall design. Trigger pul and return is set moderatly and the spring tension is right middle of the road. There is no adjustment available for the trigger. If you want it different...put in a Droid or Cyborg trigger.
But the trigger feels good to shoot and can easily be walked at high rates of fire.

The spacing from the trigger guard to the reg is a bit shorter than previous MD guns but still comfortable to hole.

The trigger frame is just mounted far enough foreward so the body itself acts like a snatch grip...making holding the gunor handing it off to someone comfy while in the staging area.

The barrel shroud really looks good! I really want to put a short barrel in there and have the Tec9 look!
The barrel shroud and feed neck are clamp ons that have a compression colr to hold them in place with a single cap head screw each. Clean looking and the removal of either is easy while not damaging the dust finish of the gun.

The one piece barrel threads are polished and easily tighten into place. The barrel itself is milled to meld nicely with the shroud.

"You can get the Drone in any color you long as it is dust black!" That was told to me directly from the owner of MacDev Dianne King. give a good LOL moment to hear her say it withthe Aussie drawl!

The milling is all done to highlight the tactical aspect of the gun. It looks superb. Yes there are milling marks, but they just seem to flow with the direction of the it was done on purpose. :ninja:

So I was pleased.

Then the real joy set in....I put on a tank and shouldered it.

Wow. Smooth, solid feel. Just comfortably rests there without thought.

I shot a tank of air through it last night between myself and five all modes. Running around the house and yard peeking around corners while giggling like girls.

I am excited to shoot it tomorrow in our Cancer Charity event.

I will post up and let you know what I think as well as post up pictures when I can.

Krazy8 Sep 18 2009

Handed another Drone out to a happy team member again tonight...more air shot in the back yard....more smiles that dislocate your ears!

I took the time to compair the guns. The Drone feels great, but when I pulled the wifes Droid out of it case it felt a whole lot lighter. I was kind floored, cause when I first grabed the Drone I noted just how light it felt.

So off to the kitchen I go! Grab the scale. Run to the rec room...grab the heads for the closet to shiver.
What I got actually tossed my brains in a pan and scrambled my judgement!

RX Cyborg 34 ounces = 2.13 pounds
Droid 35.5 ounces = 2.22 pounds
Drone 37.3 ounces = 2.33 pounds
'07 Cyborg 39.3 ounces = 2.46 pounds


I need a nap.

Krazy8 Sep 19 2009

Shot the Drone all day today.

First impressions were right.
The gun shoulders quick and smooth.

I found it to be a very good intuitive shooter. I had many one ball shots that I was just seeing if I could....and did.
Snap shooting is quite nice. balance is great.

I did a air consumption test during the day.
68ci tank, 4500 psi fill allowed to cool then refilled. I fgure I got pretty close to 4500 actual.

I used Dye loclids to count my paint so the numbers are going to be +/- 20 or 30 I am sure.

I shot 10 pods. So...1500 rnds on a fill!
I fired in all modes during that tank of air.
starting at around 2000 psi I started to notice shoot down after a long strings of full auto. But shooting on three round burst with a slight puase the shoot down did not occure.

The last two pods I shot at the chrono knowing I was close to the end.
Shots stayed a consistant 280-285 until the very last bit of the tank. The last 20 shots the chrono droped to 260-263...then it just stopped!
No studer, no major loss of chrono. My last shot was 262 and then it did not cycle again!
Kinda caught me off guard!

Overall, I would say buy this gun to anyone.
Every person who had the chance to shoot the gun was smiling after the fact. In fact, allowing a player to shoot it...sold one. He will pay me when the banks open!
For MacDev sales or support PM me!
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