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Default Re: Palmers Direct vs. Female

I run a male stabilizer on my other marker. I would go this route as it would be the cheapest in the long run. If you got a male, you can screw it in just like an inline reg( if your marker has a female asa vertically on the marker most do) then you may be able to use the same SS, or macro lines and save the money on little things.

If you go a female like stated above, ot goes under the grip of the marker. It will act as an ASA. IT is a little cheaper tham the male up front, but requires mounting blocks and ring mounts. This typically makes inital costs higher.

The direct stabilizer is for markers with out a stock female asa on the body, such as 98 customs. I think you will find it harder to make it work, but if you know what you are doing, then go for it.

They also make an inline stabilizer, It is designed to mount on a remote line, so you can switch it from merker to marker, or keep the look of the marker. these are said to be less consistant as the input and output ports are different, and the stabilizer if further from the marker.

I just re-read the question. I don't think the horizontal or vertical mount makes any difference to a stabilizer. I think the main issue is the distance from the stabilizer to the valve. Is you plan on using co2, then then bottle location makes a difference. in respect to horizontal or vertical.
In my oponion the male stabilizer is the best. They make a good grip, they look sweet on most markers, and they're the most compatible from marker to marker is you decide to switch markers in the future.
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