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Cool Re: "Higher price, lower volume" fields

WOW, this is simply the best idea I've ever heard of to stimulate our lagging sport! -

AMOF I'm going to make a paralleled proposal to McDonalds:

MickyD's Elite Fatty Food Eaters Program:

McDonalds creates a specific line of reserved-quality beef that sells wholesale at $6 a lb rather than their normal $2 a lb.

McDonald franchises who want to be in the elite program must exclusively use these $6 lb beef patties at their restaurants, and must agree to charge at least $20/BigMac for it (or $5 per .25 burger).

At these prices, clientele will eat 25% of the fatty foods now, but:

- The beef processors get the same amount of margin selling one lb instead of 3, that's an extra $4 a lb (or $1.25 per .25lb patty).
- The franchise gets the same amount of margin selling one burger instead of 4, that's another $15 per burger (or $5 per .25 burger)
- The franchise additionally saves 75% on delivery expenses(hah....I just threw that in there for GP, what the hell)
- The customer saves 500 calories per day on burgers. (A customer who used to pay $5 to eat 1 whole burger will now pay $5 to eat .25 of a burger and puts the rest in the fridge for lunch the next 3 days.)

The franchise takes the extra $15/customer and puts it into improving their MickyD's playland.

The beef packer takes an extra $2 per pound($2 for administrative fees) and gives it back to the elite franchise in the form of advertising support. The beef packer creates a general ad campaign, including creative for local media (newspaper, TV, radio, as appropriate) and more importantly targeted ads on Facebook/MySpace. The beef packer only needs one set of creative for the country that subs in the local MickyD's Elite Fatty Food Eaters Program franchises for wherever the ads are targeted. So basically the same ad, swap in different pictures, franchise name, and addy/contact info.


Franchise get more money.
Beef packer get more money.
Calories for customers go down.
Fun at MickyD's playland goes up.
Number of heathy customeers go up - which leads to longer lives and even more money for franchises and beef packers.
Customer is screwed royally and are still hungry but who cares? They'll live a longer more healthy life I messed with the numbers a little but I think you may get the satire -
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