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Default stock delrin bolt lubrication and slowing down ball fps

Do you guys lubricate the delrin stock bolt that comes with the marker directions say it is not need. I was playing last weekend and I noticed my ball velocity was going all over the place it would shoot normal and then about every 5 shoots I would get a couple of rounds that would barely come out of the gun under 200 fps on a crono. I took it apart and found there was some scuffing on the delring bolt where the charge bar lines up with the vertical pin on the top of the bolt. Seems like it is being slowed down for some reason? I don't have the bolt over tightened that holds the chargeing bar on to the marker. Seems to do it on any fire mode.

I know your all going to say get a custom bolt but I don't have the cash right now.

Any ideas would be great

It really sucks when you hit someone and the ball wont break.
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