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Default Re: Palmers Direct vs. Female

Originally Posted by oldironmudder View Post
If you said what marker you have it would help but oh well.

I was actually going to put it in but I got thinking and for some reason I thought it wouldn't make a difference...I am running an MR-1 with CO2...I REALLY should have included the CO2 part, but my bad...

I have just been debating the last couple of weeks about what to get. I lost my ASA over the winter so I figured the Female Stab would make a suitable replacement, but if I go with Direct for better efficiency I would likely be picking up a new ASA so I can get an on/off and maybe an adjustable drop forward, I was thinking this one perhaps: =1

But my big concern was whether one Reg would work better on a CO2 setup like that. I am hoping to drop my operating pressure to ~550ish+/- to cover most of my weather playing range with minimal shootdown from the tank...
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