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Default "Higher price, lower volume" fields

Originally Posted by raehl View Post
The numbers here are for illustrative purposes. I have no idea if they are accurate, but the concept holds even if they are not. Assumption (or wild guess): It costs $20 to manufacture a case of paint that wholesales for $30 that a field sells for $60.

Elite Field Program:

Manufacturer creates a specific line of reserved-color elite field paint that sells wholesale at $70.

Fields who want to be in the elite program must exclusively use this $70 paint at their field, and must agree to charge at least $200/case for it (or $50/500 rounds).

At these prices, players will shoot 25% of the paint they are shooting now, but:

- The manufacturer gets the same amount of margin selling one case instead of 4, plus an extra $10/case (or $2.50 per player).
- The field gets the same amount of margin selling one case instead of 4, plus another $10/case (or $2.50 per customer)
- The field additionally saves 75% on shipping expenses
- The player saves $10 per day on paint. (A player who used to pay $60 to shoot 2000 paintballs will now pay $50 to shoot 500 paintballs.)

The field takes the extra $2.50/player and puts it into improving their field.

The manufacturer takes the extra $2.50/player and gives it back to the elite field in the form of advertising support. The manufacturer creates a general ad campaign, including creative for local media (newspaper, TV, radio, as appropriate) and more importantly targeted ads on Facebook/MySpace. The manufacturer only needs one set of creative for the country that subs in the local Elite field for wherever the ads are targeted. So basically the same ad, swap in different pictures, field name, and addy/contact info.


Fields get more money.
Manufacturers get more money.
Costs for players go down.
Fun for players goes up.
Number of players go up - which leads to even more money for fields and manufacturers.

Everybody wins.

- Chris
do you guys think this will work? Will you play at a field with prices like that? Or will you find somewhere else to play?
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