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Default Calling All Quest Owners...

Today at my local paintball shop, a rather interesting fellow walked in and introduced himself as "Erik." He then proceeded back out to his car, and came back with an assload of parts in boxes with an odd looking logo. This gentleman perspired and lugged in many boxes, all with the same odd looking label. Aaron (the shop owner) soon came out of the back, shook hands with this gentleman named Erik, and said "hey Bronc." Then it hit me... these many boxes with the odd logo were boxes from First Endeavor Paintball. This is the next thing I saw:

It essentially boils down to this: California Paintball Supply is once again and currently the ONLY official FEP repair center. Look for the Official Press Release coming soon in the FEP forum on PBN. By the way... did I mention I saw MANY, MANY replacement bolts as well as many other... interesting... things? I will have better pictures of many things tomorrow night, as these were taken with the first camera I saw and not my own.

If you need parts for your Quest, please email,, or PM me here for more information.
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