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Arrow Re: HPA Tank Fitting Question

Originally Posted by Paintball Freak View Post
I'm completely new to HPA Tanks, and I was just wondering, does what you see in the pictures look normal?

Example 1:

Question: Why are the threads from a CO2 Tank and an HPA Tank different?

Example 2:

Question: Why doesn't the Tank fit all the way into my CP ASA?
Affirmative.....The threads or pitch on both tanks aren't different. The length of the threads and neck itself are different -

As long as the face of the reg/valve is flush with the bottom of the ASA, it's screwed all the way on the ASA. If the ASA doesn't have an on/off, sometimes screwing an N2 tank all the way on(or off for that matter) is a PITA. The threading on both my Crossfire tanks were so sharp I had to sand them a little to dull them so the tanks were easier to screw on ASA's w/o an on/off. I use Dow33 on the tank threads and ASA threads to aide turning the tanks on as well -

When screwing the tank onto any marker w/o an on/off, I first screw the tank into the ASA till I feel the pressure release. Instead of turning the tank on from that point, I hold the tank firmly then turn the marker onto the tank. You have more leverage turning the marker onto the tank -

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