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Default Re: Lower rate of fire

no. i've only seen that happen once, and that was due to some crazy flaw in prototype timmy parts (and the paint collided in mid-air, not in the barrel!). the only way your paint would break in the barrel is if you had extremely fat paint and a small barrel and the paint actually got STUCK in the barrel. if high end guns can shoot strings at 25bps without a break, theres no physical reason for your paint to be colliding under the same conditions.

if i were you, i'd check your paint to bore match. if you cant blow your paint through the barrel, get smaller paint or a bigger barrel.

edit: i sorta retract my previous statement. as someone just pointed out to me, bad recharge could cause your velocity to drop off for a few shots, and spyders dont exactly have excellent recharge out of the box.
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