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Default Re: Hopper time!

actually I just called my local shop ( best place EVER! ) and talked to the guy who owns it. he told me he had a sale on magna's that ended saturday......he also said he was willing to honor that sale till friday. That means I am most likely going up there VERY soon and picking up a BNIB magna for 85 yay

edit: saturday being 2 days ago
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EspeciialyPsycho (6:52:41 PM): i hustled $25 fromt he kids at school today
mrpurplehawk (6:52:55 PM): your joking?
EspeciialyPsycho (6:53:13 PM): no
mrpurplehawk (6:53:25 PM): nice
EspeciialyPsycho (6:53:33 PM): haha
EspeciialyPsycho (6:53:45 PM): owned them at yu gi oh
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