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Default Hopper time!

Ok well last time I played, my pulse's feedneck snapped on me. Now I need to buy a hopper and I cannot decide what to get. People have told me get a used rotor, pinokio, reloader b, halo, magna, or buy a new magna or xsv vlocity. All I have to spend is $100 max...not a penny over.

Mini for Spyder!!!!!!
EspeciialyPsycho (6:52:41 PM): i hustled $25 fromt he kids at school today
mrpurplehawk (6:52:55 PM): your joking?
EspeciialyPsycho (6:53:13 PM): no
mrpurplehawk (6:53:25 PM): nice
EspeciialyPsycho (6:53:33 PM): haha
EspeciialyPsycho (6:53:45 PM): owned them at yu gi oh
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