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Default Re: Whats better?

Hands down the Ion is better...but if you are looking to have a good MilSim experiance, then the MR1 cant be beat. Heavy marker (Mostly metal construction) it "Takes a licking, and keeps on ticking". The Ion SP8 is what I assume you are refering to is a composit shell MilSim (Plastic), Sorry...but I just dont trust "Plastic" and "PaintBall" in the same sentance. I have played with the SP8, and it did not seem to be made very well (Lots of flex and thin spots in the outter plastic shell)....I chose the MR2 because of this. ITS A TANK, tough, shoots well, fairly fast, easy to field strip, simple operation, LOOKS LIKE A KILLER....and the price cant be beat!
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