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If I have to close this thread you guys are not getting a new one.

And Im sorry, but on a highway rolling 60 or from a dead stop... your car wont ever touch a Chevelle, even if the Chevelle is on its last leg... That is just a silly argument.
Yes you can corner faster, christ my truck can likely corner faster, but on a straight that Chevelle will pull you in and spit you out before you get to the next corner, and with someone who knows how to handle a heavy RWD powerhouse... you wont make up enough time on the corners to pass him.

Now stop arguing for the sake of arguing, if you feel the need to race a Chevelle next time you see one I am sure the driver would be willing to oblige, even from a rolling start, let us know how you fare. But until then, the discussion is on Trucks currently.

Ford 250 super duty (that is turbo diesel for those of you who dont know) is the most capable fullsize truck on the market end to end. Towing, handling, speed, the only point it lacks at compared to others is fuel consumption, if that is your concern you should be buying a smart car not a truck.
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