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Originally Posted by XSiv Force View Post
Firstly: the highway is no way to judge any race....the two cars are already in gear and traveling 60+......

Secondly: miata is the same weight as the front right tire and my schnauzher put together

Your agrument is based off of weight, not taking into account he 70 hp mor i have on you and 325 ft./lbs torque

But we will end this conversation now due to the flameing that WILL insue

the highway is perfect, i think your chicken
you dont have 70 hp more than me and 325 tq, i know this you cant fool me, i can take off faster than you, stay in gear faster than you, and have a faster top speed than you, and you car weights has much has a small house
e2 sto

i wanna get a flex!!!
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