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Default Ego feed on Spyder

So I didn't want to buy a CCM feedneck for my Electra, and thought that I would do Vike's idea of putting an Ego feedneck on a Spyder. Well, I did it with the rubber tubing like he suggested, and it wobbled a bit with my Reloader on it (enough to worry me), so I then found that he said that 8 layers of electrical tape would do the charm. . . turned out to be worse. >.<

So I was thinking: If the reason I need a gasket is because the Spyder feed tube is thinner than the Ego feedneck, would it be a good idea to use JB Weld to get it on there permanently? Or atleast, make the tube thicker, sand it down to fit flush with the Ego feedneck, and slot it for an o-ring or two to fit tight?
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