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Default Re: Considering Serving

one: like everyone said go officer, you wouldve just wasted your college education if you just went enlisted.
Two: if your intreasted in intel, do your self a favior and deff go into the Airforce or Navy.
Three:Your intreasted in cyberwarfare (were i plan on going after a few years of Infantry) they just created a whole new Combat battailion just for that and they need people
but really i wouldnt reall consider the Army or Marines for what your looking at, Airforce and Navy are known for their takeing care of you better and cryptology would probaly be more of a use for you. also after you serve your term, could always go reserves and also do NSA, make even more money!

Just don't do it as a resume buffer is all I ask, Do it cause you want to serve and only for that reason! Good luck man.
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