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Default Re: Considering Serving

Me being in the Air Force, i say come to the Blue Side. They take care of thier own alot better than i have seen other branches. Army and marines are taking the brunt of the war right now and you can suffer from some serious mental and physical trauma in those two branches. The Navy takes good care of its people but i dont here about much interaction with outside families, i have a cousin in the navy right now, married, two kids. And just because its the Navy doesnt mean you will get stationed on a ship or in water. forementioned cousin is stationed at the great ocean base of Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. Like i said, the air force takes good care of families along with its troops. Basic training in all branches is just one big mind game, if you are in good physical shape, you will make it past all the physical training B.S. Wherever you may go, as long as you do your time, do what your told, and make it out with an honorable discharge (if you dont make it to retirement) being a veteran will help you many many times over for jobs on the outside world.
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