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Default New Gaming League. Eco-League

Since the fall of CAL awhile ago it turned to mainly just CEVO and ESEA to play competitively in CS:S and a select other games. There was always TWL and OGL but those leagues were just pathetic. Then a 16 year old tried to start up a new league called Built on Energy and was actually sponsored by MaxFrag until they found out the anti-cheat they were using wasn't owned by them and maxfrag pulled the plug on everything and refused to give the database of 15,000 people up to some random 16 year old coder.

So there's a new league starting called Eco-league that will support Counter Strike: Source, Counter Strike 1.6, and WC3oTA Games.

Looks amazing and professional. I know I'll be playing CS:S Season 1, anyone else? Release is June 14th.
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