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Default Ninja paintball tank, Hard corps loudmouth review

I recieved my Hard corps loudmouth torqe 440 loader and ninja paintball 68 4500 tank. I ordered both through paintball for a 145.99 free shipping. The Loader is a easy to break down design using no tools to break down the loader. It Does feed faster than my Evolution 3 hopper and halo b. The torqe 440 loader does run all the time which can be frustrating if your not use to it. It can operate on 1 9 volt, 2 9 volts, or 6 aaa batteries. I do like that it can have multiple batt options and there speed feeds that fit it by exalt. I rig mine up with a vlocity speed feed. Overall its not so, so hopper being that it ran the whole time.

The tank i Got was a ninja paintball 68 4500 grey ghost with dxs adjustble regulator. Quality was very good for a tank that only cost $99 at the time. I seen and used and other carbon fiber tanks, nitroducks, and draxus. This tank is every bit as good as 200 ones.
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