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Default Paintball Laser Tag?!?!

ok, idk if you guys have ever seen this but i mean, how can you consider something "paintball" if theres no paint?
heres what they posted on facebook:
Originally Posted by Tippman Sports on Facebook
Tippmann and Predator Games have teamed up to provide new Paintball Laser Tag products that give paintball fields and fun centers the ability to target new markets, like the 10 million kids 5-9 years of age (kids too young to play paintball). It allows fields to use their existing resources (playing fields, bunkers, rental markers) while providing a paintball experience without the paint. For fun centers, this system will provide a low cost way to offer laser tag at the fraction of the cost of other laser tag systems on the market today. If you are a field, dealer or fun center owner, or a player that just wants to learn more about a great new way to play paintball without the mess, check out our new web site at
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