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Default Re: Official Flame Therapy

got in an argument with my dad last night. i hate it when my parents promise us something and then we dont have time and later when i ask about it, my moms like "its too late now, you shouldve gotten it yourself earlier" and then my dad comes in to my room and starts b!tching at me for b!tching and i get all pissed off at him. then he goes on to say that i need to take care of myself and that my grandmas not here to do everything for me.
if degrading your children is a way of being a f@cking responsible adult, then hes doin' a great f@cking job! another thing that f@cking pisses me off is when i get in trouble for bossing my brothers around and yelling at them because they dont listen, and they tell me to quit acting like im an adult. but if i do anything else, then they start f@cking b!tching at me for not being mature. what the f@ck is up with that!?!?!?! im glad hes leaving wednesday for Iraq, i wont have to put up with him for a year!!
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