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Default Re: E-MR1 chops (bad) - covering my bases

Well the hopper came in yesterday, and the feedneck and detents today. Got it all put together and hooked up the remote and as soon as I started to open the valve on the remote the quick disconnect starts hissing. Apparently the last time I disconnected it on Sunday (and I remember) there was too much pressure in the line and when I was able to finally get the hose to disconnect, when they came apart the seal blew out of the fitting. Now the QD doesn't seal. So I'll have to call around to a couple of places in town tomorrow and see who's got a 1/8" quick disconnect for a high pressure line. Does it ever end?

The good news is I went ahead and put the tank directly on the gun then set up a little test range in the garage shooting into a padded 5 gallon bucket. Burned through 100 rounds, most of it on 3 shot burst mode. Tat-tat-tat... every time. No problems. The only thing I did have a problem with is that occasionally the gun is still running out of paint and will de-cock. However! It didn't chop a single ball, which is a marked improvement over what it's been doing recently.

With any luck I'll find the right fitting tomorrow and get the remote repaired and good to go. I certainly hope so because the big scenario game I've been prepping for starts first thing Sat AM.
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