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Default E-MR1 chops (bad) - covering my bases

Guys, my E-MR1 chops something awful and I want to make sure that I've got all of my bases covered to try to alleviate the problem. This is a relatively new marker and it chops in single-shot, burst or full-auto modes. Doesn't matter. I know the hopper is problem #1 so I've got a Ricochet AK on order, which should make it better as I've tried someone elses on the gun and it feeds noticeably better, but it still runs out of ammo and or chops even in single shot mode. I've tried numerous brands of paint, all perform relatively the same in terms of chops. I'm also about to order an all metal feedneck for it, like a Trinity or Maddog. Seems like the plastic elbow has too many steps molded in it which is causing some the trouble as well.

Last but not least, I'm running C02 on a remote.

Anything else I need to knock out while I'm at it? I've got a big scenario game coming up this weekend and I'd like to get through more than one hopper without multiple chops.

Sorry for the convoluted post, it's too early on a Monday.
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