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Default Re: How many guns have you ever owned?

Right now I have 20 all running and ready to go {except the Brown to pink fade b2k4. }
1 PPS STroker.
2 98 bob long cocker
3 2k3 Cocker
4 94 sniper
5 92 sniper
6 Diablo Wrath
7 2k3 Impulse
8 98 Shocker S/F custom Team Gun
9 B2k4 Red/Blind
10 B2k4 Brown to pink fade
11 b2k3 matte black with a OTB frame.
12 2k5 Freestyle
13 Hammer metal frame with a custom ASA built by Rainman229
14 Hammer metal frame
15 Hammer plastic frame(until I get the work done)
16 Custom built Sheridan pump.
17 Joker Ace
18 98 Angel led with a space frame
19 And my first semi Tippman 68 special
20 BE Eradicator for people I talk into playing.

And who knows whats coming next.

In the past probably 30 others.
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