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Default Re: cp regulator and Evil denator review

dont mind me, im just going to point out some flaws in your review...
Originally Posted by shawn22stl View Post
Ive started off my low pressure project on the pilot acs and decided to keep the mods cheap. I ended up getting the Evil detenator regulator from which sold them for less than $20 at the time. It came in jet polished black with no gauge ports and the macro line fittig straight through the bottom of the reg. Its rated for 550 psi which is good enough for most markers. This reg is a little heavy than others ive used. Adjusting it is simple too. Recharge rate is good for those who like to fire their marker above 13bps. Never had any recocking issure at full auto. Best regulator for the price, you wont be able find anything nearly this good brand new for 20 bucks.
7 out of 10

The custum products regulator was for my back up marker (victor 2) but after seeing how quality it was, it ended up on my pilot instead. Cost me $85 shipped for the long version in black with lifetime warrenty from cp. I order it directly from them so i have no issues with getting something fix when i need it. This reg is very very light, and comes and multiply colors for those into that. It did come with a straight macro line fitting already installed on the bottom which was nice, and had 2 more plugs for gauges and the like. Its rated for 600 psi which is good to know. Well worth the extra money, and you can tell by its performance at the chrono. I stayed within 3fps on every shot after i put a case through the reg. This ones a no brainer

10 out 10
RED you gave consistency stats for the CP but not the Det.
BLUE when writing a review, PLEASE double check your grammar and spelling. it makes it easier for everyone.

now, my biased opinion:
both the CP and Det get mixed reviews. it seems that some work while some dont. i've never used a CP, but the det i have loves to leak RIGHT when i get the pressure up to about 450 psi, and i'm tired of buying reg seats when a rebuild kit costs $3 less than a new reg.
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