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Default WTB grenade launcher

title says wanting to buy a under barrel launcher short stlye for my T9..MAY BE willing to trade some stuff for it.I have an mr2 w eyes that I can part with and other misc stuff that will be in a thread later on for sale....also looking to buy qloader parts..I.e. pods and 90 degree elbow for starters...thanks in advance
acp 2 o-ring bolt
timmy detents
tadao board w/m7 chip
qloader 500 round system
mr2 6 postion car stock (w/cheek pad)
jj 6in barrel with M16 sight and apex tip
Madd Man Rocket Valve
Dye Hyper II regulator
Redz Grenade drop ASA
Custom foregrip
warfare grips
tactical 3pt sling
40mm red/green dot scope
TRUspec MultiCam shirt and pants
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