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Default Re: How many guns have you ever owned?

Lets find out real quick:

Green Spyder Imagine
Blue Spyder AMG LCD
ICD Naughty Dawgs Freestyle(pro owned)
Silver Angel Speed 04
Pink Angel Speed 06
Blue Ion
Custom body Ion
Red Shocker SFT
Red/Pewter fade Shocker SFT
Orange Shocker SFT
Black Dynasty Shocker SFT
Red Shocker NXT
Red Shocker NXT
Black Hybrid Shocker NXT
Black/Red PMR
Black/Olive DM4
Black UL'd Shocktech DM5
Blue DM7
Red Shocktech Timmy
Black/Red Alias
Silver/Black Alias
Blue/Black fade 07 Empire Timmy
Blue Protege
Black Protege
Red Marq6
Olive Marq7
Black Rapper
Gray/Black 05 Ego
Blue/Gold 05 Nexus Ego
Red/Gold Bushwackers SL66
Red/Red Bushwackers SL66
Clear Phantom

I swear I'm missing some because that's only 33. I know I had some that I only had long enough to trade and don't have pictures of them.

Edit: Make that 34, I remembered another one. There's still gotta be more missing.
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