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Default Re: Tiberius Arms Sniper Round

Hold on.......Ive shot been shot and seen people shot by theses and have never seen a shot like is the problem i see with what that forum guy says.....he said it was 30 ft at 250 the question that needs to be asked is was it chronoed to 250 WITH the First Strike or was it chronoed with a normal ball then place the first strike into it?.........When i was shot by it it was 30 ft and it wasnt THAT bad....Honestly it wasnt even close to looking lke that. The people i shot didnt come close to that........Now what he said about the "fins" on the back not breaking he is close ...........they dont break as in Shattering they break as in to 2 or 3 now i know how bigred feels on his rants....and ive done a 3rd of one of his
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