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Default review of smart parts 20 inch linear barrel :mad:

first of all, I was still going through my nubert f. johnson stage, so I saw 20 inch and thought " holy ****, it has to be good" well i got it for 40 bucks, seemed like a good deal. when i first tested it out, i was using origin basic training, and they were a little smaller bore size. not to many problems, but i noticed not as much distance. then, i used nesplat balls. well, they fit perfect so i shoot. i almost **** my pants, the ball curved fifteen feet to the right, bounce off the ground, and scattered away. this kept happening, again and again, so eventually i said **** it. i took it out, i cleaned it, and my entire gun. i tried messing with the velocity, nuttin worked. so i put on the stock barrel, and it was 100 times better. DO NOT GET THIS BARREL, save the 40 dollars. again do NOT get it
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