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Default Re: What one of the MR series better?


Red, again im thinking spyders are one of the more reliable markers out there thats why there targeted to the crowed thats just moving up from rentals they just work. I think there problem free compaired to the higher end guns again, and what does go wrong for the most part is an easy fix. I will admit when you get into some of the spyder series that have boards eyes ect you are bound to have more issues because your dealing with more equiptment so to speek. For the amount of money that you have to spend on a high end mark what is it that makes it shoot so much better? most corses are limited BPS that most spyders electric spyders can cycle accuracy again isnt a big issue when your shooting something as unstable as a paintball anyway. I want to here some of you best reasons (this goes for anyone, not just red) why I should pay 10 times more for a marker that esentialy doesnt do a whole lot more then a spyder. Im really interested in your responces, im not being an ass!
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