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Default Re: What one of the MR series better?

pumps are very reliable, there not electronicaly controled. its all about what works for you like dark shadow said. I grab my MR1 and it works, im not changing batteries trying to figure out why my eyes dont work, switching leaking macroline, wondering if my board is ****ed like so many of the people using higher end guns (buy higher I mean further up the evolutionary paintball chart then the MR series). really they both do the same job one is alot more pricy, they both shoot a paintball 300FTS are limited (in most cases) to 13-15 BPS so why would I spend 30 times the money to use a marker that is ugly as **** and spend more time on the sidelines going through all the fancy **** it has to figure out whats wrong. Things like efficiancy dont concern me air is free if I have to walk 4 feet to the fill station before I head out for a round and stand there for 3 seconds there each time big deal. Things like "kick" its a paintball gun not a rifle! besides they both shoot a highly innacurate round so for all the extra money you put into it what do you gain?
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