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Default Re: What one of the MR series better?

Originally Posted by ferret15 View Post
dissagreed, The MR with eyes has a few major flaws

~not LP.
~off set feedneck and it will cost much more to get a clamping low/no rise feed neck on it.
~the valve spring is non standard and is difficult to get a hold of a lighter one for the conversion of LP
~most regs don't fit well with removal of the shroud
~grips are cheap and if tighten to much will restrict solenoid movement

^^all of the above are in the VS/RS and 08/9 electra so for the same price why would i want an mr when i can pick up a VS2 and spray paint it black for less?

because the question didnt ask what spyder marker you thought was best, it asked what one of the MR series

damn varmin anyway!

EDIT: Shouldnt do this because it will drag it further off topic but perhaps some of these are reasons why people would go with the MR series over the guns you mentioned. For one alot of people (Me included) think alot of the speedball markers are just plain ugly. Some people would rather hold something that looks a little more uhhhhh realistic? (for lack of a better discription) you can make the MR 2 LP if you choose, there are regs that work and fit rather well with the shroud (CP long and short) and the feedneck is all personal preferance I hate top feed markers and the large hopper that sits on top of them. Granted that with the hoppoer on top its a slimer profile but to me its just in the way, blocks vision ect. the grips do suck there is no denying that! but the aftermarket ones are only 18$ not much at all. So to sum it up I suppose its whatever the user desiers and fits there style of play.
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