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Does the dog have a mask on? Is the dog playing the game of paintball? Are you an ass for THINKING of shooting a dog and harming him, which would result in animal cruelty and unlawful discharge of a firearm charges/fines? Also, wouldn't it make you an ass to do so and destroy what little is left of our sport's public image?

Seriously, /thread.

A quote from another thread on nearly the same issue:
Originally Posted by TheRedBarron View Post
No it was an assumption that and kids walking around on what I understand to be public property are automatically up to no good. I question what makes them "Punks looking for trouble". Not to mention I would be upset at you for taking out a bat as well, I have lived in some pretty horrid places, and I have never taken up any sort of arms to tell kids to leave my crap alone. Usually the presence of an adult will do the trick.

I just think that shooting a paintball gun at them causes you WAY more trouble than you realize, not only can they... sue. But if they are indeed "Punks looking for trouble" you just gave them a grudge. Goodluck protecting your "property" when they have a reason to attack it. just my .02

And for future reference, This is a family oriented paintball forum, I do not want to see any more discussions about shooting paintball projectiles of any sort at un-masked un-willing, individuals.
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