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Default Re: Official Flame Therapy

so, i almost had a mental breakdown at work. i swear almost everyone there is ****ing retarded and i feel like my IQ drops 10 points a day...

anyway, besides all the retards i have to put up with (young and old, the old ladies in their 50s are worse than the new kids because they have a hard time grasping concepts...), i have to deal with a bimbo assistant manager. i swear she does crack or something, because she's all over the place and has serious ADHD and doesnt pay attention. and one moment she's your best friend, the next she'll go off on you like its all your fault. well, mondays i work 8-2 because i have class at 3. and we're required to take a break NO LATER than 5 hours after we clock on. but from 12-1 we cant do anything because its lunch rush. well, i hadnt eaten anything all day and was starving. i told the other manager i was hungry and he asked if i wanted my break. so just as he sent me on my break, the assistant manager shows up and starts flipping out because he's sending me on my break. so im like ok, whatever and clock back in, go to work. 1 o'clock comes and i still havent had my 35min break or my 10 minute break, and im off in an hour. so, finally around 1:10 she sends me on my break. i hope someone checks the system later, because thats breaking labor law right there... so i finally go on my break, come back, work 15 minutes, get ready to go home, and one of the women i'm working with starts complaining that she hasnt gotten a 10 minute break today. so they start freaking out and yelling at each other, and she makes ME stay and cover for the girl while she goes on her break. so im like **** it, whatever, the less i argue, the sooner i can get out.

and my parents dont understand why i want to quit my job and look for a new one... $6.65/hr after almost a year and a half is not ****ing worth it!
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