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Default Re: just wondering...

Originally Posted by TheDarkShadow View Post
just to start off, you need to:
-post on the forums regularly
-have been on the forums for a while
-don't act like a jackass to forum noobies
-be helpful/insightful
-prove to an admin or someone higher up that you are worth having as a moderator
(these are just my thoughts, not necessarily wht the forums go off of)
That's two out of five for me!

Chances are you won't become a moderator. Moderators are chosen based on a consensus of the current moderators. Only names submitted by current moderators are chosen to be considered, and are immediately excluded if they are trying to be a moderator or pushing to be a moderator (generally). Other exclusions might include infractions, bad attitude towards others, and generally not the right mold for the job. This forum is particularly picky as they hold all members to an astoundingly high standard and many do not make the cut and there is a quota of moderators per posts that they like to keep. Right now they're at that limit, and are not looking for others.

Hope this explains it for you.
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